The Cup

Those of you who have read In a Mirror Dimly or my blog know that my dear mate of 42 years passed away 2 years ago. There are so many things that I see and hear that remind me of her, and many of those things make me smile – some even make me laugh out loud at her wit and ingenuity.

After she died we discovered so many things that none of us knew about. Photographs of her from childhood. Handwritten notebooks. Paintings she had done before we met. Detailed notes from Bible studies she had attended dating back to 1996. And on and on! People who knew Sally, particularly her family and women friends know that she was a committed and skilled embroiderer of needlepoint. After my children went through her needlepoint room (known by family and friends alike as “Sally’s junk room) they found truckloads of canvases and thread. In fact, one of her best friends had a “Sally sale” at her home. Some we donated. Much of it fills my walls, and even more my memories.

But in the deep recesses of a drawer under our kitchen counter were a stack of plastic cups that she had had made sometime in the past. The photo shows my favorite of these. It says,

                  “My biggest fear is that when I die my husband will sell all my needlepoint for what I told him it cost.”

This is the quintessential Sally. See why I loved her so?

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