Answers to Prayer


Does God Hear our Prayers?

Well, does He?

God said to Hezekiah, “This is what the Lord, the God of your father David says: ‘I have heard your prayer, I have seen your tears; behold, I am going to heal you.’” (II Kings 20:5 NASB)

 And James wrote, “A prayer of a righteous person, when it is brought about, can accomplish much.” (James 5:16b NASB)

An older and wiser spiritual mentor once told me that God does hear every prayer, and answers each in one of four ways. He says, “My child……

  • No, this would not be good for you
  • No, not yet
  • Yes, what took you so long?
  • Yes, and much more!”

How profound….and I believe it to be true. There are so many things in my life both before my salvation and after that I really felt passionately, and that I prayed for fervently. For many of these the answer was clearly the first. And I’m so blessed that He said “No.” For others He has given generously to me, and so much more. When I learned of my cancer I prayed to Him for healing and cure. And He did just that. I prayed passionately for Sally when her cancer was discovered; but He answered differently. But He did answer. Now she is at home on streets of gold praising Him. What could be a better answer?

So when you pray remember my mentor’s advice. He’s right!

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