The latest internet wellness craze is “manifesting” – thinking your way to a better life. Whether it works or not isn’t really the point. That positive things will happen to you if only you think enough positive thoughts is crammed with unscientific New Ageisms that feel like truth no matter how untrue they actually are. An equally popular and related “new age” premise is that all truths are equally valid, that truth is a relative term, and that each of us have our own truths. Rubbish!

Every one of us searches for an authority, a maintainer, an absolutely trusted source of truth. For those who believe that each of us have our own truths, let me ask a simple question (please be honest with your answer): have you ever made a wrong decision or a bad choice (maybe it should be “have you made a wrong choice this week or today!)? The answer is clearly yes. Then how can we who have frequently given ourselves bad advice be our own authority on truth?

The noun “authority” originates from the Latin auctoritas meaning originator or promoter. Merriam-Webster defines authority as the power to influence or command, such as freedom granted by one in authority. Another word originating from the same source is “author” defined as one that originates or creates something.

For my life I want my authority to be the originator and creator, one who is never, ever confused or wrong. One who never makes wrong decisions. One who is the originator and creator of everything that is, including truth. How could one live without that?

Romans 13:1(b) states, “For there is no authority except from God, and those which exist are established by God.” Seems pretty clear to me.

Therefore, if you can’t answer my question about wrong choices or decisions, then I suggest you ask yourself, “Who is my authority, my Truth?” There are only two choices and the one you choose means everything….quite literally everything.

Oh. And I suggest that you choose wisely.

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