In Praise of Joy

Weeping may last for the night,
But a shout of joy comes in the morning.

                                                            Psalm 30:5(a)

C.S. Lewis once wrote, “Joy is the serious business of heaven.” Indeed it is just that. When is the last time you actually witnessed or experienced joy? If you had to think about that question, please read on. If joy is the serious business of heaven, then all of God’s creatures can experience joy. Have you ever watched man’s best friend playing on a freshly mown lawn? Rolling around on the fresh grass? That is joy!

I seem to learn more from children these days than from scholars. So, if you couldn’t answer my question, allow me to make a suggestion. Go outside on a beautiful day with a child – or better yet, with your child or grandchildren. Then just observe. Without a toy or any distraction, the child will run for the sheer sake of running! A friend commented that he never knew a grandchild could run up and down a hill in so many ways, so many times! There are no false pretenses or posturing or ulterior motives. That is pure joy. And that’s what God has in mind for His children.

The word joy comes from the Greek word, chara.  It means delight, rejoicing, glee, gladness. What a powerful message this is: our mighty God who must hold together all the workings of an awesome universe, and must see the workings of sinful man, all the while managing another universe of microorganisms and micro-particles, about most of which we no clue; and yet He still created delight, rejoicing, glee, gladness for us! It is the serious business of heaven because our shouts of joy bring glory to Him.

Friend, take my advice. First witness the joy of God’s creation, the absolutely unfiltered, unfettered joy of dogs and children. And then delight in Him, rejoicing and experiencing gladness in Him!


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  1. Hi my friend. I experience the joy of Jesus Christ and his amazing blessings every moment of every day but especially through my two grandsons Christian 6 and his brother Trevor 24. I am truly blessed. It would be good to see you after all these years.

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