Lune de miel





This week’s post will cover the next few weeks since we’re leaving for our belated honeymoon. Although, I’m certain that this alone will assure stories to last a while in my ponderings.

Honeymoon – the word derives from the Old English hony moone. Hony refers to the new marriage’s sweetness, as well as a reference to the European custom of giving newlyweds enough mead, “an alcoholic liquor made by fermenting honey and water,” to last a month. In French, the equivalent word is lune de miel – much classier! So now that you understand the title, while toasting with stale honey and water, let’s talk.

Such lune de miels have traditionally served as a way that newlywed couples can spend time focusing on each other. For this couple it will serve as a time to be without our dogs. Our dogs spend every night in our bedroom, and, well… need for explanation there.

Actually, this hopes to be a time of solidifying our commitment to each other; of learning more about how to live every day with each other. I cannot wait!

Please pray for us over the next few weeks. And I’ll have another post waiting for you then, sure to be full of fun stories about how someone gets to know about me and all my quirks and me hers.

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