Our Weakness, His Strength

A shower of dazzling morning light.   


Then he said to me, “This is the word of the Lord to Zerubbabel: Not by might, nor by power, but by my Spirit, says the Lord of hosts.    

                                                                                                   Zechariah 4:6  (ESV)


It seems that I and those around me are going through a season of griefs. Close family and friends are mourning losses, and the cold, iron-like grip of sadness seems to pour down like the cold rain. And as much as we might try, human words cannot comfort.

But just like the change of summer to fall, green leaves have changed, appearing now as aflame with color and beauty. This change of season quite literally envelopes us, bringing us comfort. And surrounding all of this is the Word of promise, of hope. And even better, this Word is from the Spirit of the Lord, not from us.

It’s striking how powerless we really are. I watch the world around me as commentators preach about “finding our truth” and “finding our own power.” Get over it!! Tell me how that has worked out for you. For those without the power of the Holy Spirit, in the end we are still just us – helpless as one without hope and strength.

For those in this season of grief, take note. The sixteenth-century English minister, hymn writer, theologian, and logician, Isaac Watts wrote,

When I am weak then am I strong,
Grace is my shield and Christ my song.

  • The Hymns of Isaac Watts

May this power, His strength comfort you today.

4 Comments on “Our Weakness, His Strength”

  1. Mike, thank you for your beautiful reminder that though we feel abandoned without our soulmates, our precious Father is with us in all things. Fred is probably explaining to the Lord how He could better develop His many mansion neighborhoods! Missing Fred so much. He treasured your friendship.
    Karen Kahler

  2. He is strengthening us daily: difficult times are with us always: God’s Grace is the only way I can thrive and move forward.

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