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                                       25 God made the wild animals according to their kinds, the livestock according to their kinds, and all the creatures that move along the         ground according to their kinds. And God saw that it was good.

                                                                                                                                                                                  Genesis 1:25

In my life pets have never before been an important focus. Oh, sure, I’ve had pets; but I can’t even remember all their names. Growing up I had a black lab. Thunder was special, but when I went away to college, I forgot about him. I don’t even remember when he died.

In medical school we had a dog; but I can remember neither his name or his breed. When our youngest son was little, we had a series of cats – now that was frustrating. And a chocolate lab named Sundae – as in chocolate sundae. We kept him for a few years, but because of travel and life, we gave him to a family who cared about him.

So pets were somethings I thought cute, but not really for me. When I moved to Nashville many of my friends suggested that I get a dog, but I never even looked for one.

And now? When I first met Debby, she made certain that I understood that her dogs were a part of her. So then the story begins. You see, I’ve been part of a largely male family. I have 3 sons and 1 daughter. I have 6 grandsons. And I am me, so there’s always been a male predominance. But Debby’s 2 dogs are both female: sisters. She rescued them when they were small pups; they are now 7 years old, and she has spoiled them more than any animals, human or otherwise, that I’ve ever been around. I now live in a house with 3 females who are used to having their way…and it’s different.

First, not infrequently they look at me with a look that clearly says, “Remember, we were here first.” Emphatically. They remind us daily that this is their house, their sofa, and their bed. We are merely allowed to use them and pay for them, but they are theirs.

Now I know that animals have unique personalities, but some of this is remarkable. Marnie can tell time! That is, she knows within 5 minutes when it is 5:00 PM CT. This, you see is suppertime. Every day – every day! – about 4:55 she begins to be agitated, running around, and making certain that she has my attention. If I’ve not headed down to feed them by 5:00, she begins to jump around and bark. I swear, you could set your watch by her! Lanie is the “collector.” Actually, she’s an extortionist. She collects things – she’s particularly fond of shoes, boots, and fruits and vegetables. She prances with whatever she’s collected until she receives a treat, at which point she tossed the object down as if she doesn’t care at all. She receives a steady stream of treats all day long! And not to be left out, Debby always treats Marnie as well; for having done nothing!

As you can tell, after only a year of marriage, I’ve lost all control to my girls. You may wonder, “my girls??” Well, yes, I have to admit, they’ve stolen my heart too. What can I say.

There can be no doubt that our pets were created for us to love, and for them to love us. I’m now hooked! Thank God for them.


The photos above are Debby’s. The girls wanted me to buy the license to use them in this blog. They suggested a pile of their favorite treats.

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