Just Scattershooting……again





Scattershooting: delivering over a wide area and at random; generalized and indiscriminate: a scattershot attack on the proposed program.

                                                                                                (From Dictionary.com)

Just scattershooting while wondering… why Washington is such a mess. Could it be because of lack of leadership? I think definitely so. I’d like to offer some advice. What if we all agreed that we would not give our vote to anyone who has never run anything but a political campaign? It would seem to me that management experience would be very valuable for the person that runs the country; or the state, the county or the local animal control. How many times have we watched, feeling helpless, as completely unqualified individuals whose only talent appears to be looking good on camera show their lack of sense? It trashes the whole theory about the “cream rising to the top,” doesn’t it?

Just scattershooting while wondering…what could we really do about our national debt? Wait, I have a great idea! Let’s try doing without. The Federal Times news outlet reports that at the end of 2022, only about 1 in 3 federal bureaucrats were on the job in the office. Now I’m not saying that those who work remotely aren’t working, but have we missed them? Let’s consider decreasing the roles of the 2 in 3 that aren’t really there. Ask yourself the question, do we really need the EPA, the Department of Education or the Departments of Energy, Transportation, or the State Department or the Consumer Product Safety Commission? Something tells me that would save billions while helping reduce the debt.

Just scattershooting while wondering…does it seem to you that the Chinese government is more than a little overwrought about the discovery and destruction of their balloons? To borrow from Mr. Shakespeare, methinks they protest too much! I might suggest that they are more embarrassed by the attempted “espionage d’balloon” than by our response. I guess stupid is as stupid does!

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  1. Brilliant, Dr. Flemming ! I think we all scattershoot daily about these types of things.
    Watching this happen in our country is heart wrenching and what I worry about is the commentary that we need new blood and younger leaders. Well…. Look at the pool which we have to choose from…. They will surface I’m sure. But watching our young people now and their lack of character and will to learn and lead is concerning to say the least.


  2. I think you nailed it. There does not seem to be anything in the Constitution that gives the Federal Government authority to do a lot of the things they seem to have assumed control over. Sticking to the Constitution would be new experience for bureaucrats.

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